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Online gambling continues to expand across the US, bringing new opportunities for access to US casino sites. But that regulation has been slow and disjointed, which has kept many US players at their favorite online shops where they have been playing safely since 2000. Many reputable online casinos accept USA players while offering the best combination of perks. Those include generous bonuses, terrific game selection, slick software, reliable and friendly customer support and a range of deposit options.

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How we Review Them

If you are a player within the United States, sorting through the long list of casino sites can be a daunting task. After all, they all look great and all promise attractive signup bonuses and special offers. But those are not the main criteria for choosing where to play and they are not the only criteria used here to decide a) which sites are allowed to offer services and b) which sites get to top ratings.

We conduct research and use our decades of collective online gaming experience to assess casinos based on the following factors: 1) trust and security 2) regulatory regime 3) customer service 4) reputation 5) banking options 6) quality and variety of games and 7) bonuses.

US Casino Sites Reviewed

Trust and security

The growth and maturity of the online gaming market has cleared up much of the concern around legitimacy and player safety. In short, casino sites that did not focus on trust and security did not survive. The sites that did survive continued to grow, continued to earn the trust of players and continued to build their brands. Casino sites reviewed and mentioned here have all passed the various tests put in place to earn that privilege.

Regulatory regime, casino operator info

Regulation efforts within many countries and within the USA have limped along with political interference and protectionism bogging down efforts. Overseas operators, on the other hand, have co-operated and collaborated to earn regulatory rights in various gambling commissions. Areas of Canada, European Union, Antigua, Gibraltar and other jurisdictions have implemented strict rules and governing bodies.

Customer service

Let’s face it – even the biggest mainstream brands experience problems and make mistakes. It’s how they respond and clean up any messes that decides their fate and entrenches their brand as good or bad. When it comes to online casino sites, the great brands have set expectations and clearly explained rules and conditions to their customers. And the very best ones implement tight customer service controls that give clients multiple methods to reach out with questions and concerns. Whether that is live chat or email support, phone reps or robust FAQ sections, the best customer service practices are put in place.

Banking options

Making quick and safe deposits and getting speedy payouts are hallmarks of great online casino sites. Most offer a range of options for deposits and withdrawals and the great ones make it clear how long each option will take and what, if any, fees are associated with the options. Whether its Visa or Mastercard, AMEX, bank deposits or Bitcoin, the options are available and easy to use.

Quality and variety of games

Sure you offers lots of games, but do they load fast, are they fair and is it stylish and fun to play? These are the considerations as reviewers examine the quality and variety of games offered at online casino sites. Which software providers are used? Are they download or no-download? Are the mobile versions just as good or better? Online casino action is supposed to be fun and exciting and to meet or surpass the experience of being at a land-based casino.

US Casino Bonuses

In the old days, casinos battled to offer the biggest and craziest bonuses to attract new players. Then the bonuses got so confusing and so full of conditions that the casinos hated them and players didn’t understand them. Fast forward a decade to 2010 or so and generous but fair bonuses became commonplace at casino sites. They can still be huge and attractive numbers – some with offer 100% bonuses up to $3,000 or more. But the bonuses require new players to stick around and try many different games and services. The online casinos here are known for aggressive but sensible bonus specials to boost the bankroll of new players.


Of course, all of these factors together work together to create a solid reputation. But in general, brands are known as legit and fair if they have many years of legit and fair practice. They can’t just state that they are legit and fair, that determination comes from happy and satisfied clients. So the casino sites listed here have all earned their reputations over 20+ years in the online space.


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